How Many Emails Does the Average Person Get Daily?

by | October 2013

how-many-emails-do-you-get76.  Each day, seventy-five people compete with you for the “open,” and the Call-to-Action click – and now, here come the holidays again.  Email marketing will all take on the holiday theme, making inboxes look like Santa threw up.

So!  How do you make your email newsletter and prospecting messages stand out?

At WhatArmy, we’re the best at fixing & updating websites – we don’t claim to be the experts in email marketing.  But!  We definitely try to stay tuned to best practices.  One idea we came up with is to start with a very specific segment of our market, a pointed reason for our email, and a very pointed subject line.  Here’s an example we’ll be using in the next week:

Market segment: E-commerce & retail customers

Subject Line:  Your Website Speed

Body:  We’ll recommend a speed test and any necessary  fixes, to improve speed before the holiday season.  We’ll mention that Aberdeen research says consumers report a load time of 3 seconds to be ideal.  Also, a study by Brand Perfect reports that 67% of consumers cite slow loading times as the main reason they would abandon an online purchase.

 What value can you offer your customers this season, in a hyper-focused email message?  If you need help with your email marketing template, or you want to add an email newsletter sign-up button to your website, contact Erin today, or click the image below to submit a request:

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