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2019 – Year of the Pig

While the beginning of every year offers its own excitements, we are particularly enthusiastic here at WhatArmy.  We are very proud of what we accomplished in 2018 as it is setting the stage for a number of new and exciting offering for our clients and partners as we kick off 2019!

2019 Karen the cartoon pig

2018 – A year in review

2018 was an exciting year here at WhatArmy!  Throughout the year and across our client base, we ran approximately 13,000 plugin & WordPress updates along with closing roughly 4,500 security holes.  We also addressed nearly 3,000 service requests, everything from blog posts edits & copyright updates to landing pages designs, custom app development, & eCommerce store setups.

We ran approximately 13,000 plugin & WordPress updates, closed roughly 4,500 security holes, & addressed nearly 3,000 service requests

While our service team was busy addressing project tasks our internal team also had quite a busy year.  We launched an updated version of  last March, highlighting our newer services and adding a full service catalog.  Here you can find recommended website improvements along with some information on what the task is, why it’s important, some resources if you’d like to make the change yourself, and a list of what’s included if you decide to have WhatArmy help you.

WhatArmy Service Library

Our most significant accomplishment of 2018 was a full rebuild of our internal service platform.  We use a set of proprietary tools (internally referred to as Watchtower) to help automate a substantial portion of our monitoring and management services.  We found that by building our own system, we could better address the most common problems that our clients were having. We have been consistently adding features for ourselves over the years, and as a result, today our tool can track security exploits, monitor uptime, run backups, track visual site changes, provide reports, and control site access (to name a few of Watchtower’s features).  The completion of our new internal monitoring tool has allowed us to offer more accessible pricing for our monitoring and support services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations.


2019 – What’s to come in the new year

With 2018 in our rearview mirror we are very excited to announce a few of our 2019 objectives.  


Primarily – we are in the process of internally rolling out our newest version of Watchtower and hope to release a beta version for use by our partner teams soon.  This will allow our partners to own portions of the day to day monitoring of their client sites while still having the considerable resources of WhatArmy at their disposal.  We have kicked off development of this beta version and hope to have a demo for our close partners as soon as early spring.

In addition to the new partner version. We are beginning to build out a customer access feature into our Watchtower system.  We felt that it was time to look into providing access to our customers to give them a deeper level of insight into their websites.  By providing access to our platform, we can streamline the way that we provide service and improve our customers’ overall experience working with us.

Watchtower login page

Expand Service Catalog

One of the main WhatArmy priorities this year is to continue expanding our service catalog. Currently providing 20+ recommendations and tasks, we hope to triple the size of our catalog through the year.  Adding in approximately 40 – 50 new projects, questions, & suggestions for anything related to your website, across all CMS and eCommerce systems.

Adding in approximately 40 – 50 new projects, questions, & suggestions

Partner Advice

Lastly, in 2019 we hope to bring more helpful advice and recommendations to our blog.  We know that here at WhatArmy we do not do everything you will ever need. That is why we have been working hard to create a list of partners we can recommend to help you through your SEO revamp, your foray into Facebook advertising, or even help you rebrand.  Each month we will feature a new partner for our customers to get to know. Through the addition of the Partners blog series, we hope to highlight essential industry standards and changes while introducing you to the many resources WhatArmy recommends for tasks outside our core business.



WhatArmy made the 2019 Top Massachusetts Web Design Companies by Design Rush


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