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CASE STUDYWhatArmy WordPress Support Makes Marketing Easier for HealthEdge

HealthEdge | WhatArmy Case Study

HealthEdge provides the only integrated financial, administrative and clinical platform for healthcare payors. The HealthRules Product Suite enables health insurance organizations to adapt to industry change, attract new customers, streamline operations and drive new levels of customer satisfaction.

The Challenge | WhatArmy HealthEdge Case Study

Make it Easier to Manage Content and Adhere to the Brand

HealthEdge came to WhatArmy with an existing website that utilized custom templates for each page. This meant that to update the website, changes had to be made on every page rather than in one place that carried across the whole site. When updating content, it was also difficult to enforce the company’s branding and visual identity because the website lacked a consistent web style guide.

The Solution | WhatArmy HealthEdge Case Study

WhatArmy CMS Audit, Template Rebuild and Web Style Guide

To make the HealthEdge WordPress website easier to manage, the WhatArmy service team enumerated the page templates currently in use on the site, removed excess templates, and then combined the rest into one new, easy-to-use global template. WhatArmy also re-styled and built a new layout that allowed HealthEdge to easily edit content blocks within the new template. Finally, we built a new web style guide and properly applied the correct styles across all web assets.

The Result | WhatArmy HealthEdge Case Study

Easy-to-Manage Website and Higher Customer Engagement

Not only is it easier for the HealthEdge marketing team to do their jobs, saving time and money; customers and potential customers can more easily engage with the website, which helps HealthEdge delight their current customers and move new customers through the purchasing funnel. The global template makes it easy for the HealthEdge team to create new web pages, and a flexible editor lets the team quickly add engaging elements to their content.

That's Not All | WhatArmy HealthEdge Case Study

WhatArmy WordPress Support Plan Ensures Website Security

After improving the look and functionality of the HealthEdge website, our team designed a WordPress Support Plan that includes a Website Health Check, regular website and database backups, protection from malware and viruses, premium hosting, performance and domain name monitoring, and secure WordPress and plugin updates. This keeps the HealthEdge website running safely with optimal performance and gives the HealthEdge marketing team peace of mind to focus on marketing objectives.

“The WhatArmy team has been instrumental in helping us to refine, update and manage our corporate website. They are a great partner to work with, and they have offered many creative ideas and suggestions that have really helped us to take our site to the next level. We highly recommend them.”

Ray Desrochers, Chief Marketing Officer, HealthEdge

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