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How to Create a Strong Website Homepage Design

A beautiful homepage design can grab someone’s attention, help you make a strong first impression, and ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. An unflattering website design, on the other hand, can cause you to lose present and future customers.

In fact, mobile users who have a negative online experience are 62% less likely to make a future purchase.

Creating Pages That Convert: 10 Tips for the Best Homepage Design

Don’t leave it up to chance. Instead, use these 10 tips for improving your homepage design. Once you make these changes, you can attract new customers and make an impression that’s bound to last.

1. Lighten up the Imagery

While high-quality, eye-catching images can help your site stand out, they can also cause pages to slow down. The longer it takes a page to load, the more you risk losing a customer.

Instead, prioritize using lightweight image files.

To make sure your images appear crisp and high resolution, upload and compress them. Compressed files can still look clear without lagging down your page load times.

You can also use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to determine if your images are causing the lag.

By having a fast-loading site and beautiful images, you can grab a visitor’s attention without ruining the user experience.

1. Lighten up the Imagery

2. Use a Single CTA

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is an important component on any webpage. Your CTA instructs visitors to complete a specific action. For example, you might want visitors to fill out a form.

If you have an online store, however, you might want them to make an immediate purchase.

Having a prominent CTA will keep your visitors focused on completing this action.

Multiple CTAs, on the other hand, can tug a visitor in different directions. So instead of confusing visitors, maintain their focus with a single action.

You can use a vibrant color for your CTA button to draw the eyes. Add a compelling verb, like “Launch” or “Buy” along with a little urgency, such as “Now” or “Today.” The right verbiage can help your CTA button encourage site visitors to take action.

The right combination of word choice and colors can help you turn visitors into leads and leads into conversions.

2. Use a Single CTA

3. Highlight Your Value

What sets your business apart from any other in your industry? When trying to achieve the best homepage design, it’s important to highlight your company’s value. Otherwise, you’ll fail to stand out.

Your unique value proposition can also help you encourage visitors to click the CTA button.

When working on your homepage, determine:

  • What visitors receive by choosing your business over someone else’s
  • What pain points your customers experience regularly
  • What solution you can offer

You can feature the value proposition more than once on the homepage. This will ensure potential customers get a full understanding of your value.

Make sure it’s clear why the value proposition matters, too. What benefit do your customers experience by choosing your business?

Highlighting your value will help customers recognize you’re a go-to solution to their problems. In the future, they’ll know to depend on your business before anyone else’s.

3. Highlight Your Value

4. Make the Copy Easy to Scan

For effective homepage design, it’s important to make sure the page is easy to read. Whether it’s a lengthy page or short and simple, text that’s easy to scan is easy for readers to grasp.

In order to improve page readability, break your text into blocks. You can use headings and subheadings to organize your content. Beneath each heading, try using short sentences and small paragraphs.

You can also replace lengthy paragraphs with bullet points and lists.

4. Make the Copy Easy to Scan

5. Feature People

It’s easiest for people to connect with other people. In order to ensure the best homepage design, try adding images of real people to the page.

If you provide a service, demonstrate that service through real people and smiling faces. Businesses that offer a product, on the other hand, can use photos of happy people using the product. Using real imagery instead of stock photography can help you stand out and build trust with your target audience.

5. Feature People

6. Add Proof

You can also build brand trust by adding social proof to the homepage.

For example, consider adding a reel of testimonials. You can also add any certification seals or special mentions in the news.

Adding social proof to the homepage will help build your credibility with new customers.

6. Add Proof

7. Minimize Risk

Some consumers feel more comfortable buying from bigger brands that minimize risk. For example, many brands offer a “No Hassle Guarantee” or return policy.

Highlight how you reduce risk on the homepage.

Mentioning “free returns” or “free shipping” can reassure new customers and convince them to make a purchase.

7. Minimize Risk

8. Simplify the Navigation

Consumers who visit your website for the first time won’t know how to get from the homepage to a specific internal page. By providing clear, easy-to-use navigation, you’re encouraging visitors to explore.

The more visitors explore your site, the more likely they’ll find what they’re looking for!

8. Simplify the Navigation

9. Add White Space

A homepage with a lot of images and text can feel busy and complicated. For effective homepage design, make sure there’s room for your content to breathe.

Break apart certain sections with plenty of white space.

This white space gives the eyes a break and encourages site visitors to keep skimming.

Instead of exhausting visitors, you can encourage them to keep exploring straight toward the contact page.

9. Add White Space

10. Speed it Up

For every extra second it takes your site to load, conversions drop by up to 20%.

Page speed is essential for a positive user experience. Visitors expect everything to load quickly, whether they’re on their phones or a computer. To keep visitors happy and encourage them to stay on your site, check your page speeds.

With a slow homepage, you might end up losing potential customers before they even recognize the value you have to offer.

10. Speed it Up

Creating Pages That Convert

A strong homepage design can encourage visitors to convert into paying customers. With these tips, you can improve your site and boost your business.

Otherwise, who knows how many customers you’re losing.

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