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Design Newsletter, Landing Page Templates, and Ads for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

What is it?

Black November is one of the largest shopping months of the year. It started with Black Friday and progressed to Cyber Monday, then it was pretty much the whole weekend both on and offline. Now Thanksgiving is the third largest shopping day of the year, and November as a whole accounts for over 18% of year-over-year sales.

Why should you care?

Moral of the story is: If you are an ecommerce store, November is the month to be selling and you should ramp up your marketing beforehand. We suggest creating seasonal sale specific marketing assets to make sure your word gets out there and stand out not just from the crowd but from your usual campaigns as well.

Let us do the work!

We will:

  • Identify which channels you will be marketing in
  • Discuss the types of sales that will be offered and the needed marketing
  • Design BFCM specific assets
  • Make design improvements
  • Develop out new marketing assets


We know you want to know how much your project will cost, but we need a little more information to give you a fair estimate.

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