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We Can Build Your Shopify Store If You…

Need a new Shopify store

We’ll talk with you to to understand your eCommerce goals so that we can work together to optimize your store throughout the build process. Leave it to our experts to get you up and running so you can focus on building your business.


Want to use a Shopify premium theme

Anyone can help you build your Shopify store on a generic theme. We’ll work with you to take your standard site and tailor it to your specific goals.

Need your store now?

Our team has a track record of quickly creating Shopify sites and getting our clients site up and running in no time.  Using a Shopify Premium theme and a few design tricks we will get your site up in time for your deadlines.


How it works and what's included

1. Shopify Initial Store Setup

In this first part of the project we cover all the basics for getting your site up and running:

  • Review of website requirements, content, products
  • Presentation of themes that match website needs and aesthetics
  • Setup Shopify, install your theme, and begin configuring the options and settings to match your branding
  • Setup site content: homepage, product pages, and internal pages.
  • Setup of navigation to match sitemap and aid in the user experience
  • Checkout and payment process configuration
  • Go Live

2. Shopify Customizations

This is where we add in all those little extras that make your store unique. Enhancements and customization to functionality, theme alterations, unique inventory or shipping integration, etc.

3. Shopify Site Launch

We'll go through our pre and post launch checklists and make sure all the details have been addressed and your site is displaying and working properly.

Interested in ongoing Shopify Help?

Interested in ongoing Shopify Help?

We’d Love to Help You!

Want to sign that contract now? Still have a couple lingering questions? No problem! Talk to someone on our team and they will answers your questions and point you in the right direction.

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