WordPress Website Management for Small Business
Support Plan

This WordPress service is right for you

if you…

Are losing chunks of your day thinking about your site.

Spend your time where it’s needed the most…on your business. Let our team keep things updated and secure. We know when the emergencies happen and we’ll take the lead on fixing them…with your approval of course.

Do not make a lot of edits and changes to your site.

Your site is constantly in maintenance mode under our support plan. Have some changes to make? Let us know when you need the small fix or edit, and we’ll get it checked off of your to-do list.

You want what is best for your WordPress site.

When there are changes in the web world, alerts, or concerning changes to your site our support team will notify you of these issues. The website management for small business tools were built just for you.

How it works and what's included

1. Initial Setup

This is our "get to know you" and tool setup process. During this step, we make sure you have the basics covered by running a full assessment of your site and specifically looking into the following:

  • Ensuring your WordPress plugins and software are up-to-date
  • Confirming your website is secure and clean (i.e. no evidence of malicious code)
  • Reviewing the overall construction and code of your website to identify potential challenges you may encounter in the future
  • Evaluating your hosting environment and whether it can support your business goals
  • Crafting a detailed roadmap that will document the steps necessary for managing your website and tackling your future marketing initiatives

2. Daily

Once our systems are set up to alert us to any critical issues, we'll follow up with any pertinent items as they're uncovered. Our tools provide continuous monitoring across the entire health of your website. This includes the following:

  • Performing full backups of your site
  • Conducting comprehensive malware and malicious code scans
  • Reviewing potential blacklisting and other search rankings concerns from Google
  • Tracking website uptime to ensure continued access
  • Monitoring domain and nameserver status including SSL and DNS record changes
  • Watching website indexing and XML sitemap to ensure complete accessibility to Google

3. Monthly

Every month we'll make any necessary plugin and core WordPress updates to your site. This includes any security-related plugin releases the moment we're notified of a potential threat to your website. This monthly update process consists of the following:

  • Notifying you when updates are scheduled for your site
  • Run all necessary updates on your WordPress website
  • Notify you when all updates have been completed

4. Ongoing

If an issue should arise, we conduct detailed logging and report generation to help get to the bottom of the problem. This includes the following:

  • Secure management of documentation and logins
  • Up to 2 hours of service for problem remediation (i.e. site down, malicious attack, etc.)
  • Regular reviews of site against industry best practices and WhatArmy Minimum Standards
  • Screenshots of your homepage and other key pages to monitor visual changes of your site
  • Site & database size reviews for any major changes
  • Google speed & usability testing (mobile & desktop) to ensure your site is never below standards
  • CDN review to ensure that your site is being cached properly
  • Logging of all standard and custom metrics for historical tracking and troubleshooting

5. Tickets

WhatArmy's role as your partner only starts at the security, monitoring and maintenance level. Our capabilities include comprehensive development services provided at a discounted hourly rate for our plan holders. Just use our form to send in a ticket with the details and we'll take care of the rest.
Website projects we can help with:

  • Email marketing integrations and setup
  • Landing page development
  • Content add/remove/change
  • Analytics configuration
  • Advertising conversion tracking setup
  • UI/UX site designs and cleanup
  • And much more

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